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Thursday, 20 March 2014

First impressions: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

First impressions: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet blurs the distinction between a laptop and a tablet computer.

Its on-screen keyboard has capabilities that are more common with laptops, and its screen is larger than what many laptops have. People can run several apps side by side, and multiple users can share the device with separate profiles.

Samsung also tries to make the Note Pro something professionals can use on the road, while leaving the laptop behind. It's packed with business tools such as a WebEx virtual conferencing app, a one-year subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek's digital magazine and one year of Wi-Fi access on airplanes through Gogo.

It's an impressive lineup of features. Unfortunately, it also has a price tag that exceeds that of many laptops - $750 for the base model with 32GB of storage and $850 for 64GB.

If your primary reason for owning a tablet is to consume content, such as video, music, books and magazines, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 isn't for you. There are plenty of cheaper options out there.

It is for those who want to mimic a laptop experience, yet don't want to purchase - or carry - a laptop.

Its screen measures 12-2 inch, giving it about 50% more surface area than Apple's 9.7-inch iPad Air. The Note Pro is also larger than another tablet billed as a laptop replacement, Microsoft's 10.6-inch Surface Pro 2. It's also cheaper; the Surface Pro 2 costs $899.


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